Investment Management Advice with Strabens Hall starts here…

Our primary aim is to make sure that you are financially secure. With our portfolio management service, we will advise how you should allocate your capital according to your objectives and risk profile. Increasingly, investment management is becoming a commodity, with little differentiation between many managers. We seek to engage managers with a genuine diversification of approach, thus controlling risk and potentially enhancing returns.

Your expenditure requirements and available capital are important considerations in determining the level of investment risk you should be taking. We often find that clients are seeking a higher return than is required to meet their objectives, exposing themselves to unnecessary risk. We will help you to identify an appropriate target return, and recommend a suitable portfolio to meet your needs.

Our approach protects clients from over-exposure to a single discretionary manager, generic product pushes, or a one-size-fits-all approach. This enables our clients to diversify risk, reduce fees and maximise potential returns across multiple portfolios and asset classes.

Our portfolio management expertise covers…

Strategic asset allocation
Investment advisory portfolios
Discretionary fund manager selection and monitoring
Multi-currency portfolios
Multi-manager reporting
Manager research and due diligence

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