International Financial Advisers

International financial planning: specialising in pensions, tax estate planning & wealth management for individuals living in non-UK jurisdictions.

Strabens Hall provide international financial planning services to persons living in, or moving to European territories, as well as UK domiciled individuals seeking advice on matters of pensions, tax estate planning and wealth management.

We provide cross-border international wealth planning for wealthy individuals resident in non-UK jurisdictions. We understand that their needs can often be complex and diverse and a broad range of speciality subject knowledge is often required.

We regularly work for clients living in or with ties to; Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey), Switzerland, Monaco and EU Member States and we will often work alongside a niche network of expert specialist professionals for intricate cases.

Our international financial advisers help you to arrange your affairs in a cohesive and efficient manner to protect, preserve and enjoy your wealth.

We are particularly experienced in the following areas of ex-pat financial advice:

Investment and wealth preservation
Pension planning
Inheritance/Succession planning
Multi-currency investment advice
Resident non-domiciled (RND) tax environment

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